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Anforderung, Geburtsurkunde, Sterbeurkunde, Abstammungsurkunde Documents from former German territories (now Poland/Russia)

We can help you with requests for birth, death certificates and descent from Poland and Russia. Prerequisite for the application is:

  • The it is a a former German territory (before the 2nd World War) ,
  • The detailed data (birth date and place, no date ranges inaccurate)
  • This is a German citizen.

The requests are from us immediately to the competent authority. The Processing time for the instruments because of the "overload" of competent Responsible employee of the Authority but unfortunately often very long (> 6 months). Have you but patience. It will, however, all inquiries and receive in any At least to a negative information, if any documents can be found. In general, but all persons status documents since 1876 from Prussia.

1st Enter your data (orderer). This address, the documents Policy.

(with house number)

2nd Which document you need:

Birth certificate for

First name and last name:  
Birth name:  
Date of Birth:  
(Please specify to make Earlier German place name indication of the circle / Province and if any actual place name in Polish / Russian)

My relationship to the above-mentioned person: